How many solar panels do i need ?

We fit up 22 solar panels in a single installation. We supply a wide range of sizes, between 1 Ò 4KW. This amounts to approximately 4KW of energy in line with Government recommendations and to qualify for FITs scheme benefits. Click here for more information about solar from the Energy Smart website –

Who will install my free solar panels?

We at Solar Creations have an experienced team of MCS approved roofers and labourers. They shall skilfully oversee the installation of your photovoltaic system, management and the little maintenance that may be required. The solar panels will be fitted to the roof of any residential domestic property, without fuss or inconvenience.

Will a free solar panel system ruin the look of my house?

NO solar panels are not an eyesore (although with everything – beauty is in the eye of the beholder). It is said the sight of solar modules on a roof of a house is quite striking and often serves to enhance its appearance.Do you need planning permission to install solar panels?

Are flat roofs suitable for free solar panels?

Yes you can fit solar panels to a flat roof. You can fix free solar panels to a flat roof if it has an A frame or angled between 20 and 50 degrees to horizontal. COntact our experts to help you.

And the solar panels really are free? Why is that, exactly?

The answer to the first part is yes – the solar panels are completely free of charge. They are considered by installers to be the more economical option of generating electricity. This is largely subsidised by the UK Government Feed-in Tariff payment scheme. It is a scheme set up to encourage people to choose the environmental option. This Government initiative effectively reimburses homeowners for being more energy efficient – as the UK government is bound by international treaties to hit certain green energy targets in the next 10 years. Homeowners have the option to build their own solar panels systems but you need to be MCS registered to qualify for all Government schemes like this. You can also buy the pv systems outright or choose to finance the purchase of the system over a number of years through PV Solar UK LTD. If you choose to have free solar pv installed, you keep all the free electricity you generate and use, and we sell a little of what remains back to the national grid. Solar panels are generally available for 41.3p per Kwh, tax free. This takes in whether the energy is used up now or later. There is also an extra bonus on offer for any unused electricity exported back to the national grid. Electrical energy may also be purchased from a licensed supplier for 13 pence.

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